Voters need to know that Erin worked as an economist under the Obama Administration and will use that knowledge to stand up to the Trump Administration’s daily attacks on working families in the 19th District and instead work towards improving economic opportunities for these families. Erin grew up in a working-class family on a farm in Cooperstown, NY, the latest in a line of five generations of farmers. She understands our communities and the challenges we all face every day.

As a Congresswoman, Erin will:

  • Fight income inequality, as an Economist Erin knows what good and equitable economic growth looks like. She'll protect working families and local farmers, and make sure we have good paying jobs.
  • Vote to guarantee healthcare for all Americans by passing Medicare for all, because health care is a right, not a privilege.
  • Protect a woman's right to choose, ensure access to quality and affordable reproductive healthcare, and protect Planned Parenthood.
  • Fight to protect immigrants; Erin will pass a clean Dream act and for a path to citizenship.
  • Lead the fight in Washington to pass commonsense gun laws like a ban on assault weapons and bump stocks, and stronger background checks.
  • Act to solve the climate change crisis. She'll ensure we invest in renewable energies to protect our precious environment.