Gender inequality persists at every level and in every sector in our society. Research shows that women are still paid less than men for doing the same exact job; women are only paid 80 percent of what men are paid. Unlike John Faso who voted against equal pay for equal work for women, Erin will be a champion of equal pay for equal work because in 2018 there is no reason a woman should be paid less than a man for the same job. As a Congresswoman she will co-sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act. Erin will also support the Family Act which expands paid family leave from 8 weeks with 50 percent of salary to 12 weeks and 66 percent of salary. Erin will also support the Childcare for Working Families Act. The burden of childcare is disproportionally carried by women, often precluding them from being able to enter or remain in the workforce. By providing affordable childcare, the Child Care for Working Families Bill is estimated to provide employment and income increases especially for women from families that earn less than half the state median income.

There is an assault on a woman’s right to choose in Washington and in State Houses across the country. Erin will fight tirelessly to protect a woman’s right to choose because a woman’s health care decisions are her decisions. The Trump administration’s return to the domestic gag rule is a direct assault on Planned Parenthood, which provides much-needed healthcare to women, especially low-income women, across the country including NY-19. As an Emily’s List candidate, Erin will fight for Planned Parenthood and feels strongly about protecting women’s reproductive health care and our right to choose.

+ Gun Safety Reform

This is the moral issue of our time. Enough is enough. Erin will not stand idly by as students are afraid to go to school. She will fight for commonsense gun safety reforms that include banning assault weapons, strengthening laws to prohibit domestic abusers from owning guns, bans on bump stocks, and closing the gun show loophole. Erin is prepared to take on the NRA and will never take a single cent from them. More funding for mental health services and counseling services also needed to be part of this discussion, and Erin plans to take the lead on making sure that happens. Finally, Erin will fight to oppose the Concealed Weapons Carry Reciprocity Bill (HR 38) that John Faso co-sponsored, allowing persons from other states that allowed for concealed weapons to bring those concealed weapons into NY, including on school grounds and in hospitals. This must be stopped.

Erin is honored to be named a Mom’s Demand Action Guns Sense Candidate because she understands the necessity to act now. The children are leading and it’s time representatives stand up and have their backs.

+ Economic Development

As an economist who worked under Obama’s Administration, Erin knows that the best way to have strong and equitable economic growth is by investing and supporting middle and low-income families and individuals. As a Congresswoman, one of the first things Erin is going to do is reverse the 1.5 trillion-dollar tax break for the big corporations and wealthiest Americans. She will fight for a $15 federal minimum wage to make sure everyone can earn a decent living. With parents who each worked two jobs, Erin personally knows how hard families work to make ends meet, working several jobs just to put food on the table because their wages are so low. As an Economist, one of Erin’s biggest focuses is on strengthening our economy and making sure it is benefiting everyone. Many parts of our district are struggling and have shrinking economies. We need to invest in our infrastructure to make sure we have the linkages and framework needed to support economic growth. Broadband infrastructure is critical. In fact, her own home in Cooperstown does not have broadband. She understands how restrictive lack of broadband is. Broadband infrastructure will help business and open opportunities for working remotely. Finally, public transportation infrastructure must also be improved and invested in to boost our economy.

Collier will work to secure investments for green technology jobs in New York’s 19th Congressional District to modernize our local economy. But, she will also work to protect our local farmers. As a 5th generation farmer, Erin knows once we lose our family farms we won’t get them back. She will advocate for better support to farmers in the Farm Bill, including increased federal funding for the MILC program to help dairy farmers keep up with rising costs, dairy pricing reform, and create market linkages and incentives for businesses to buy local. Agriculture is not only crucial to our economy it is our local heritage and is crucial to sustaining a local food system which provides healthier food for all of us, is more environmentally friendly, and supports our local farmers.

+ Protecting the Environment

We only get one planet. Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are undercutting our very way of life today and for generations to come by siding with fossil fuel companies over our environment. Climate change is real, and it is manmade. We must listen to science and fact. As a Congresswoman, Erin Collier will fight to protect our environment with investments in clean and renewable energy. Erin will aggressively push the administration to reenter the Paris Climate Accords. Erin will be a strong voice against Scott Pruitt in his attempts to roll back critical environmental protections, including the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, the Clean Power Plan which is our greatest opportunity to fight climate change by requiring power plants to reduce their carbon emissions, the Fuel Economy Standards that Obama put in place in 2012 to reduce global warming pollution, and extend important Federal tax credits that incentivize investing in clean energy, including solar tax credits. Erin will also advocate for clean energy infrastructure, which would create jobs and help us take steps towards a sustainable future that is friendlier to our environment and more cost effective. Finally, Erin will fight to put the Steam Protection Rule back in place that John Faso voted to repeal, which allowed companies to dump pollution into our precious rivers and water sources.

+ Immigration

Diversity makes our country better and our communities stronger. Immigrants are a valued part of our community. Erin has personally seen the effects of hate that are being encouraged by the current administration against immigrants, including against her brother-in-law from Guatemala who lives in upstate NY. Erin knows several Latino immigrants who were taken into custody in the Hudson Valley. As a fluent Spanish speaker herself, Erin will protect immigrant communities by working to pass a clean DREAM act, because children who came to the US through no fault of their own should have the same access to education as everyone else. Collier will also fight for comprehensive immigration reform for a path to citizenship and to end the federal assault on sanctuary cities, which John Faso voted to penalize. Finally, we must stop the unacceptable separation of children from their parents that Trump and the Republicans are allowing to happen every day on our border. This policy is inhumane, it's horrifying, and it's un-American. No child and family should ever have to go through this. The Trump Administration has the power to stop this and they must do so now.

+ Healthcare

Unlike John Faso who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take health care away from thousands of people in NY19, Erin is a strong advocate of Medicare for All. Health care is a right, not a privilege. Every American should have access to health care, regardless of age, gender, income level, or pre-existing conditions. Our system is too expensive and too complicated. Many families are one health care crisis away from going bankrupt. Too often people are faced choosing between a meal or a prescription and losing a job should not mean that you cannot see a doctor. As a Congresswoman Erin will fight to pass Medicare for All that will ensure everyone has health care and greatly reduce our health care costs. The Sanders Medicare for All Bill will reduce drug prices by allowing the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies and allow for importation of cheaper medicine and stop pharmaceutical companies from being able to charge unfair prices. Other important measures Erin will support include measures to strengthen rural health care access, such as telehealth to help those in need that are too far from a hospital or unable to get to a hospital, and residency partnership programs to make sure we have specialists in our hospitals. Erin will also protect women’s health. While Trump and Faso try to take funding away from Planned Parenthood, Erin will stand strong with Planned Parenthood to make sure that it continues to be able to deliver health services to vulnerable women. As an Emily’s List candidate, Erin believes firmly in protecting women’s right to choose and reproductive healthcare rights.

+ Education

As a product of public schools her entire life, Erin knows the importance of a well-funded public education system. While Trump and Betsy DeVos try to take away funding from our public education system, Erin will fight back. With better funding, public schools could offer more counseling services and youth outreach to vulnerable youth. With today’s opioid crisis and the school-to-prison pipeline, these types of services are critical. Erin also believes we need to expand education funding to include universal pre-k and a livable salary for every public-school teacher. Even before pre-k, Erin supports affordable childcare for working families that allows low-income families to afford childcare and raises wages for child care workers. By providing affordable childcare, the Child Care for Working Families Bill is estimated to provide employment and income increases especially for women from families that earn less than half the state median income. Investments in our students must continue through higher education. Erin supports free higher education tuition for low-income students and as someone still paying her student loans, Erin will work to lower student loan interests and protect the student loan interest deduction.