Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. Every human should have access to affordable and quality health care and be able to make their own health care choices, including reproductive health care, regardless of your income, gender, religion, or race.

Health care costs are too high in America. Even when individuals have health insurance, premiums and deductibles are so high they deter people from seeking health care and are an economic burden. As a result, middle and lower income individuals are often unable to receive quality health care they need and deserve.

Erin Collier supports building toward a Medicare-For-All health care system in America. A Medicare-for-All system will help save money that we can reinvest into important priorities, such as infrastructure, education, tax cuts, while still getting better outcomes as we have seen in many other developing countries. In order to transition towards the Medicare-For-All goal from our current fragmented health insurance system, an intermittent private/public system may be a realistic and viable next step. The current for-profit, market-based heath care system operates on profit incentives, allowing pharmaceutical and device companies to drive up costs.

Women should have their own right to make their own choices about their personal health, including their reproductive health. It is also imperative that women are able to access affordable health services. Erin Collier is a supporter of Planned Parenthood and applauds them for providing health care to so many underserved communities and women for generations in NY 19.

Comprehensive health care for children should also never be up for debate and should be guaranteed. Erin Collier is in support of reforming the system so that children’s health care services protected under CHIP do not have to be debated and voted on every ten years.