Education is an important matter for Erin. As a second generation college graduate, and first generation masters degree holder, education was a gateway for Erin from a working class childhood to a middle class adult. Having funded her education through waitressing and student loans, Erin is personally aware of the challenges many American families face in trying to gain an education. Education is an opportunity to access better economic options, is an important part of economic equality and a huge part of making America economically competitive. Erin also has several relatives who have taught in NY 19 and around upstate NY for years.

·        Affordable daycare

·        Affordable higher education  

·        Promote better wages for teachers – support teacher unions in order to ensure fair pay, hours, and rights for teachers

·        Support public school systems- public schools are very important in NY 19. Having attended Cooperstown High School,  

·        Increase mental health in schools

·        Support Arts and Language curriculum in schools- these programs are often the first to get cut in education budget cuts but they are vital to a good education and teach lessons that go beyond classrooms for life.

·        Increase drug education programs and support – with the ongoing Opiod crisis spreading across NY 19 and the country among the youth, drug education and support programs are essential for

·        Support school security -