The economic gap in our country has continued to grow, with wealth concentrated in a small upper percent of the population while middle class and working families struggle to make ends meet. America has the greatest income inequality of all major developed countries in the world. The middle class continues to shrink as people fall into the lower income, with poverty reaching the highest levels ever in our country’s history. Economic growth and opportunity must be more inclusive to ensure economic equality. Our economy and society do best when everyone is included and prospers, not just the top one percent.

As an Economist who grew up in a lower income family of NY 19 herself, Erin Collier feels very strongly about taking action to address income inequality and promote inclusive economic growth and opportunity for all.

We must support economic growth, job creation, and good paying jobs through small businesses, infrastructure, health care, agriculture, and clean energy industries. Small businesses and health care are the major employment providers in NY 19. Small businesses need less barriers in order to thrive. Rural hospitals are often on the chopping block of health care spending. Erin Collier lobbied for NY 19’s hospitals to Congress and fought for their federal funding and support. Investing in rebuilding and modernizing our infrastructure will create jobs and boost NY 19’s economy. Broadband infrastructure is especially important to enabling and connecting people to more opportunities, as the global economy become more and more digital. Finally, agriculture has long been an important sector in NY 19, especially among working class families. Small farmers should be supported in order to compete with the commercial farms to help these working-class farming families, ensure availability of locally produced products, and invest in local, sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture systems. Erin Collier’s family has been farming in NY 19 for generations and knows the importance that these farms have not only in the economy, but also for community, environment, and health aspects that locally grown food can have. John Faso has ………………..

It is unacceptable that women are still paid less than men, at 81 cents for every dollar that men earn. Women should be paid equal to what men are paid for the same job. As a single woman who supports herself and has faced gender biases and discrepancies in the workplace herself, Erin Collier knows very well the unfair disadvantages that women are posed with in the professional world. Equal Pay for Equal Work must be enacted. John Faso voted against this bill and that is unacceptable.

Workers must be supported. Minimum wage must be held at $15 in New York, and must be enacted at the Federal Level for all states in America. No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. Job training and career planning services should be available and accessible, especially for youth and working families to make sure they have the tools to participate in the economy and earn a decent living. John Faso…………

Reducing health care costs, providing paid family leave, and making education, from day care through university, more affordable for everyone are also important parts of economic growth, equality, and opportunity.